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Fresh and Fun A-Line Dress Styles

If you have been browsing the other categories here at Metisu you may have noticed that we have a whole lot more A-Line dresses than most other styles. That's because we just love them so much, and so do our customers! So, whether you are looking for that classic look of a black A-Line dress with sleeves, a color block mini, or something more cute, colorful, and playful, we think you will find something to fall in love with right here.

Some of our most popular styles include:

  • Black lace A-Line dress
  • Embroidered floral mini
  • Midi with flared sleeves
  • Off the shoulder midi
  • Belted waist midi
  • See through evening dress

So, What is an A-Line Dress Anyway?

That's a good question. You may have heard the term used a lot, and you may already have an idea in your head about what it is, but do you really want to know the truth? It's quite simple, really. Although the original style of A-Line dresses from the 1950s are not quite the same as what is popular today, you can still see the outline of the capital letter "A" in the clothing you see here. It's really not much more complicated than that, and that's a good thing as far as we're concerned.

The purpose of this style is to create a more flattering, slimming look as it is fitted at the hips and then flares out the further down you go toward the hem. So, you may often hear it called an A-Line silhouette dress for this reason. There aren't a lot of rules to follow here other than the general shape. This style of dress can have pockets, or not. It could have a belt, or not. It could be one solid color, or not. It could have sleeves, or not. You get the idea.

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