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Cute Summer Beach Dresses in Many Styles

It's always summer in our minds here at Metisu, but sometimes nature just doesn't agree with us. That can't be helped, but when it is summer for real you are sure to find some super cute and casual beach dresses here, as well as some hotter pieces for those steamy summer nights.

Some of our most popular styles of beachy dresses include:

  • Embroidered swing midi
  • Flounce hem midi
  • Hollow out
  • Asymmetric hem
  • Off the shoulder
  • Cold shoulder
  • Denim, floral, and more

Transform Your Summer Look With a Floaty Beach Dress

It gets hot in the summer, obviously, and it gets even hotter at the beach, so you are going to want something nice and light to keep yourself comfortable in the sun. But you also want to look amazing at the same time, right? Yes, right. Thank you. Now then, the main thing you want to consider when choosing the perfect beach dresses is quite simple: what do you need it for? Is it for a date, a casual day out, or a more formal event?

So, while you're browsing through the options for summer beach dresses here, just keep in mind what will be appropriate for the occasion. If it's a formal event, you don't want to show up in anything too “hot”, but if it's an evening date by the water you could really pick out anything you like.

And don't forget, if you'll be out during the day sitting under the sun, you may want to choose something that pairs well with one of your favorite beach hats, or go the other way around and just buy a new hat! If you will be taking a bag with you, then that's another element that you may want to match or contrast with your new and cute casual beach dresses just to add another touch of brilliance.

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