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Cute Boho Dresses to Express Your Inner Style

When you need an outfit that can take you just about anywhere on a hot summer day, and in to the evening hours as well, you definitely need to consider boho style dresses as an all in one solution. This style of dress is generally long, flowing, and not tight or restrictive at all. You can go straight from the beach to a restaurant, and then on to the party later in the evening without a wardrobe change.

Usually you will find that Bohemian dresses such as these are made from light cotton, lace, or a combination of the two, but they can also be made from denim, faux fur, wool, or other heavier materials. They're also usually made in lighter colors, with white being a favorite among most people, and they're often accented by patches of bright colors. Another popular choice is to pair a boho maxi dress with brightly colored accessories such as long necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and so on.

What Do You Know About Boho?

We hear the word “boho” used a lot these days, and particularly in the fashion world when talking about boho dresses. But do you know what it means, what it represents, and what it says about you? No? Well then, let's go on a little adventure and find out. Of course, boho is short for Bohemian, but that probably didn't clear up all of the questions you had.

It all started in Paris in the 1930s. Young and creative types were disillusioned with the middle class folks, and they rebelled against everything they stood for – their fashion and their social values. These were true artists who did not care for wealth, and therefore they didn't feel the need to fit in with the outward displays of wealth that were common. And so, in short, this is how boho dresses were born, and they live on to this day.

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