Cute and Stylish Shirt Dresses for Women

When you want that casual look, but you also want to have a bit of fun with your outfit, it's always worth considering a midi shirt dress in one of the many styles available. And here at Metisu we have a bunch to choose from – lucky you!

Some of our most popular styles include:

  • Striped
  • White shirt dress with embroidered floral elements
  • Check / Plaid
  • Tie waist
  • Semi-sheer

Style Tips on How to Wear a Shirt Dress for First Timers

Perhaps you just stumbled on to this page and now you're wondering, what am I going to do with this? Can I even wear this type of dress? Well, to start with, of course you can – you must!

Now, when you look at this range of shirt dresses it may seem like it's just a summer thing when you want a comfortable and loose fitting outfit, but it's not just for those hot days. For example, you could wear a blouse dress like these paired with tights in the cold weather, and then you've solved the problem!

Other accessories to pair with your new dress are hats and shoes, of course. If it's cold, maybe try a pair of combat boots, or just some cute slip-on sneakers in any scenario. You could even use a scarf to cinch it in at the waist to completely transform the look.

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